Why I Became a Life Coach

Why are You a Coach?

Through my experience of touching thousands of souls through massage therapy, I have found a common thread that enhances my coaching practice: people live in their body, but rarely are they engaged or truly living their lives.

Most people are disconnected because life has taught them that it is only safe to live in their heads, not to trust their bodies. The unconscious belief is that their bodies are wrong or nasty, a betrayal or fill in the blank. The result is that ‘no one’ is home.

Over the years, clients would unlock some stored trauma or past event in their body, while on the massage table and I wanted a way to support them through it without them having to continue to live with unprocessed /unresolved emotions haunting them and going dormant until it erupted in some way, blowing up their lives.

I understood there was something special happening as it didn’t happen for every client AND it didn’t happen sometimes at all with other massage therapists.

So I looked for something that would help me explain what was happening to them and what position I needed to play so that they would feel safe and supported for them to do their healing work.

Enter: Life Coaching Certification

I have studied the mind-body connection, since I was a teenager using myself as a test subject for this or that. I have witnessed pain being soothed by touch (which led me to massage therapy in the first place).

I know that the healing arts sometimes surpass words, but never have I ever doubted their efficacy. Scientists are so far behind in this truth as they are only ever looking for part of the puzzle. It isn’t a holistic query thus it will always provide incomplete answers.

The body has a wisdom, that is ancient, sacred and deeply connected. When you ask the body what it knows, it bypasses the thinking mind and it always rings true.

It is important to me that every human being knows that they are resourceful, creative, whole and complete. This is why, I love Life Coaching so much. I get to re-enforce and remind individuals of these facts.

When a client is with me in person or virtually, I provide a safe and sacred space for a client to explore all aspects of their life and decide which ones they want to work on. There is NO judgment, only freedom and exploration.

"It (traditional science) isn’t a wholistic query, thus it will always provide incomplete answers." Fonda Clayton

My Coaching Philosophy

My style of coaching focuses on understanding where life challenges (patterns) are, asking the body what is true and how to proceed.

I have the client scan their body and this gets them out of the thinking mind. The brain can only find the obvious answers, however, the body feels, thus this is where the truer answer lives.

My coach training has equipped me with the ability to work with individuals and groups that are seeking, not only to understand themselves but also to use all of who they are to their benefit.

This means that while coaching is forwardly focused, there is also a component of internal understanding that takes place.

My position as coach is to hold space for the spirit/soul that is before me, for the vision that is shared (I consider it sacred) and I stand in the fold for the BIGness (change) that they want to experience in their lives.

The clients and students that are attracted to me are willing to do a deeper dive of personal development.

They have tried traditional therapies and coaching, but are seeking to find their inspiration in their life, not just to be motivated. I support them in their vision, dreams, and purpose(s) and I guide them to find the key(s) within themselves.

Who I am Not For

If you are a person who ‘knows that already’ or ‘has tried that already’ or wants to debate me on this or that, I am not your coach.

All of these responses are masculine energy (not to be confused with the Divine Masculine, cuz that is yummy).

The responses come from your head and will do you no good to easily get what you desire for your life.

You CAN get everything you want from your life with hard work, I am sure you have had some success doing it the way you have always done it, but those who seek my help are doing so because they are tired of mental exhaustion, spiritual depletion and being emotionally devoid.

They desire something deeper: to be connected mind, body and spirit.

What I Know for Sure

The one constant in life is CHANGE. When life changes you, create your new normal.

I view YOU (every person) on a (w)holistic level: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, a complete human being.

As a society we are taught to only value the thinking mind and the almighty dollar, leaving behind the sacred wisdom of your body. emotions, and spirit.

The body is your power source: it never lies AND it houses all of these things without your help.

When you unconsciously shut off these centers of grounding and balance, there is no trust from within.

You seek validation of who you are, your value and worthiness outside of yourself and at the same time making yourself wrong and untrustworthy to yourself.

My aim is to aid you in the return or to uplevel balance (homeostasis) to your Self.

Because what you don’t acknowledge about the wisdom of you costs you pain, time and even money.

The body-soul-mind connection is essential to restoration, healing, and happiness.

I have programs designed to help you uncover and unpack your inner landscape and be the real YOU.

It is risky business allowing the TRUE YOU to shine through in your daily life.

To go after the life you truly deserve, so that at the end of it, you have no regrets.

To be able to smile from your heart through tears, life stories, and battle scars, because mediocrity just isn’t enough for you.

This is my prayer for you. You are the most valuable BEING you have.

When I was a massage therapist, I noticed the common thread of physical pain that people expressed. It inspired me to pull on the 'why' of pain: No matter what walk of life, the disconnect (pain) is basically the same.

People are fearful that the love (they are seeking in all areas of their lives), they aren't worthy of it.

The fact IS unless and until you accept yourself, to remember your worthiness and love yourself in plain sight - no one else's love can full you up. This is the Wholeness journey + the cycle of pain can cease.

Fonda here...

Fonda Clayton is the founder of Wholeness Lab, a community based platform for those who are ready to own their sovereignty and embody their Sacred Wholeness.

She helps women recognize that splitting themselves into pieces and parts of themselves is disempowering and will always have them looking outside of the self for validation.

Fonda is a Certified Life Coach, Polarity Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, published author, podcaster and Mother of Personal Freedom.

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