Choose Yourself on Every Level





Accept AND embrace all of your selves.

The Divine Feminine and the feminist movement are vastly different and light years apart from the other, but somehow they have been lumped together. I am here to remind you of the differences.

It is time to stop the compartmentalization that we have been conditioned to do in order to survive in this matrix. This is a recipe for discontent, vague sadness, depression and even disease.

I KNOW you came to this world to thrive in your experience withOUT having to do 'war'. Let me show you how.

Self Love is Cultivated

I assist my clients in cultivating self love and self worth despite our society that tells a woman that she is to serve others only.

When a woman feels has energy and connected to her life, she will in turn show others how to obtain this for themselves. Women are teachers at their core and community is where we thrive best.

Unfortunately, instead of there being a place to learn, heal and innerstand: there is distrust, skepticism, cancellation. This breeds separateness, the pressure of perfectionism and despair.

Consciously creating a wholistic life means allowing the masculine AND feminine energies to meld together for a whole human being (regardless of gender).

A congruent person is a force that can not be reckoned with, because this person (which is inside all of us) is lead by their own heart and vision.

This type of Being doesn't believe competition is the only way, understands the necessity of good boundaries AND wants others to win at their lives too.

My position is to help my clients tap into these parts of themselves, grow their confidence +curiosity and unlearn group think so that they can contribute to creating a new world.

We give others permission to be grand, when we have the courage to do so?

Healing | Clarity | Allowing happen in that space.

Hey... I'm Fonda

Fonda is the founder of Wholeness Lab, a community based platform for those who are ready to own their sovereignty and embody their Sacred Wholeness.

She helps women recognize that splitting themselves into pieces and parts of themselves is disempowering and will always have them looking outside of the self for validation.

Fonda is a Certified Life Coach, Polarity Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, published author, podcaster and Mother of Personal Freedom.

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