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What I know for sure...

You Are Not Broken.

You Have Unchallenged

Thoughts To Change.

Your body follows the direction of your mind. Clean up the mind, everything changes.

Without Devoted Practice this won't stick.

I Get It.

You look picture perfect, so you dare not tell anyone you + your picture don’t match. So you just say that you are ‘fine’ when asked.

It is Time to Unlearn

Are You Ready?

The truth is when ‘they’ dangle to carrot for whatever promise is used to entice you, the intention is NEVER for you to get a hold of the carrot let alone get to eat the carrot.

Happiness is dangled in this way on the condition that certain hoops are continually jumped through and rules followed.

You Have To Conform.

You Have To Be Normal.

You Must Follow The Rules.

Dreaming too much or too big is for children or other people like artists.

It is time to dare to dislodge from the Matrix because ticking all these boxes that are required to remain normal/numb surely isn’t the answer.


What Clients Say

Heather Poduska

"Fonda is a sensual intuitive genius! I came to Fonda because I was having trouble nailing down my ideal client in my business. I was getting closer to it, but I was all in my head. As is her juicy brilliance, Fonda led me back to my heart so I could connect to what I really wanted and BAM, the clarity AND the clients started coming. Thank you Miss Fonda."

Heather Poduska

Erika Harris

"The place Fonda helped me access... I didn't even know roads went back there. She is beyond skillful, patient, intuitive, well-studied and absolutely unafraid of the deep or the dark. And she knows what the heck to do with the deep, dark... whether chocolate ;-) or trauma or anything between. She is all that."

Farra Allen

"Fonda brings a deep Soulful listening and a rare combination of intensity and empathy to her coaching practice enabling her to be a truly effective “wholistic healing coach”."

Director LifeWorks School of Coaching

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